His Greatest Seal: Poems by the Rev. Francis Quintin-Arthur

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The Brain in Retrospect and Its Musings Philosophical on That Eventual Tryst

Diverse Roads to Same End
All We Possess
Ash Wednesday
Yes (to Cross for Life)

Diverse Roads to Same End

So shall it be at the last stop
Our burdens lowered

And same the yardstick:
None measuring to this
From the depth of the heart
Shall be forever ostracized

Denominations shall cease to be
And all shall unite
In the monopoly of the selfsame Deity


As names are called out
Responding to the highest call
It journeys on high, the soul
Since from there it springs Then, physique, rest thyself
In soil from which you came
For the soul has returned
To take its rightful place


Armed for heaven
Ladder of faith
Shield of hope
Showered in love
Faith finds quest's answer in highest heights
Hope discovers goal
Faith for knowledge
Hope for discovery
Love for love--
Love remains and persists
Faith, hope disappear
Still love present
Enduring eternally
In timelessness

All We Possess

All we possess
Were given to us,
For wherever they came from,
They were existent before us.
Thus all is given,
For we ourselves
Were given as gifts to our progenitors.
Not to acknowledge the source
Is trait of ingrate,
As we our lots enjoy
Without due recognition of source
Is indeed to lose what we have
For we would have lost the chance
Higher gifts to enjoy,
Culminating in endless joy
For those who are grateful,
For they set their priorities right

Ash Wednesday

My cross from ashes
Boldly I bear
On my head only
In form of cross
But where's my cross?
My cross is burnt
My death is crossed by Christ
My death defeated
My life in death
Life after death
Through cross my life
In Christ's rising
My cross boldly I bear
On my forehead
Ashes of earth
The lifetime cross
The death unto self
The life after death
Unto eternal life

Yes (to Cross for Life)


Unequivocal Yes
From virginal lips
Effecting sole issue
But before whom none existed
Should one think there was
That would be selfsame Power who did exist


Was that why yes sprang
So quickly from within?
Was it that easy to say yes?
Or did you say yes because of us?
But, still, why so much joy?
Are you a virgin seer
Convinced that whom you have
Peace is His to give
Peace enduring eternity?


Scout for life, loving all the while
Knock on door if need be
Demand! Search! Pound!
For he who fakes deaf ear
All being equal
His tympanic membrane will be disturbed
And then from his snore
Right to his store
He will give in abundance
If not out of love
Due to disturbance
Persist, therefore, and pound to demand
And yours it shall be


Voice out yes
In response to call
From on high
Firm as can be
Arise to move
Eyes front
Forward, march
Might be barriers
Pause for the asking
Summon ethics
Unceasing in orations
Jump or ethical solution!
Stoutly intending going on
Inner voice to listen to
That from the heights
Don't forget: other voices speak too
Even quote scriptures
Listen only to this voice
Rest is a necessity
The body must carry the spirit
Overwork not the body
Mind, body, all
Can stay awake to rest if really have to
In meditation or like, conducive to mood and environment
Hand on plough! With Christ no failing
Bearing cross I crave for my own
Originally mine or added by someone else's selfishness
To make my cross heavier than usual
I bear it courageously, however
Forward, march, my Lord to trail
There you are--we meet again
"Comforting mother." Ubiquitous
"My dear child"
"A son to you I vow to be for aye"


Journey to continue
Cross carrying
For admission, ticket is cross
Ticket to heaven or
Cross to the highest realms


To bear with your grace I implore
Especially when cross is heaviest
When that which I have
I can the easier bear
Than that which mortal man hath made for me
Which nonetheless from you, the Lord, does come


We shall be salted with fire
     tested with fire
Salt bitter by itself--undesirable
Fulfills main mission in condiments
Love unused useless and egocentric
In sharing we reach for goal and redemption
Salted shall we be with fire
     tested with fire
To ensure refinement
In the process some will stand
Others may crumble in the strength of the burning fire
Please consider!
The wicked shall not stand
Like chaff will be winded away
The good will be seasoned for life eternal


And when the will I have
     Which I pray I'll have
And the object selected
     May it be the best
And thus ready to go
May I reach for the length
Of the goal I have in mind
For then if I don't reach it
At least I'll be as very near
As I would contentedly want to be

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