His Greatest Seal: Poems by the Rev. Francis Quintin-Arthur

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The Brain in Retrospect and Its Musings Philosophical on Anger

Angry Like Him
Right and Left
Chaotic Fury
Angry Decision
The Open-Mouthed Trap

Angry Like Him

Fanning the fury, she came to me;
We talked down the storm
And a normal face ensued.

“I can now understand why
My Lord got so angry;
He pulled and used a whip
On that crowd on that day.”

She felt so relieved.
I stared at her to ask:

“Ma’am, can you raise the dead?”

“Oh, no, sir; oh, no, not I.”

“Perhaps to rest in peace
To rise three days after that?”

“Oh, not me—only the Lord.”

Then I looked at her and said:

“Shut up, my friend,
You must shut up.”

In shock she froze staring at me,
Then beamed a relieving smile.

“Please forgive me,”
I said to her:
“for being so hard.”

She beamed a forgiving smile,
Then up she looked and said to Him:

“Lord, I am sorry that I
Lost my temper the other time.
The next time I shall try
Harder to be patient.”

Right and Left

Why so angry?
Of what?
          Just because
“And answer made it not,” as Shakespeare might say
          I know
          I answered
With “because”?
Changing subject
Sheep on right-hand side
          What has left to do with sheep and goats?
Anger destructive

Chaotic Fury

Internal insurrection in the irate
Beyond speed limit blood races
Capable of limiting others’ blood
And fists tight
All is pandemonium
Members in disorder
Thinking process disrupted
The hair on some on end stands
With faces rouge
Nostrils wide open
Tongue alert with incisive words
Eyes furious—also weapon choleric
This time, hunger and thirst exist not
All in disarray
None is safe
None internal
None external
Heartbeats have been stopped by the irate
Anger, you useless confusion!

Angry Decision

Decision made in anger.
You cannot go any further
Because all is not well.
It’s disastrous to proceed.
Wait a little while
And get yourself composed.
Implore Patience’ aid
So you may calm down
And be of sound mind
To go where you must go.
Decision made when angry—
Please, for my own sake,
And for the others affected,
Let us both allow
Some time to pass by,
For then we would be wise enough
To make a worthwhile decision.
Patience! Please delay angry decision,
For I’d rather team up with you
And not make an enemy for myself.
Patience! I’d wait patiently for you
Before I make a move.

The Open-Mouthed Trap
(James 3)

How deep an orifice
Lying in man’s ways
Enticing man to draw closer
And into you fall
As then with mouth gaping
In slips he unsuspectingly

Sneaky you are
In things you may do
For unpredictable are you

Those who are entrapped still
Spit out to emancipate
From fury’s slavery

Put finger on mouth
And stay shut
Multitude have been enticed so far

It’s because of anger

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